Well trained and experience in finding the right security officers for your premises.


RAS SECURITY PTE LTD is a Security guard Agency in Singapore Licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force.

Ras Security Guard services company was established by some of the Top Security Agency Management team consisting of Reliable and well-respected professionals in the Singapore Security Industry.

These professionals brought a unique set of skills and knowledge to Run security Business & operations smoothly to accommodate the ever-evolving Security Industry.


Ras Security guard Services acquires trained and experienced Security Officers to perform strategic and synchronised duties. We ensure that our ground officers are adequately equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfill our client’s security requirements. Our officers go through continuous training to upgrade their existing skills and obtain new skills to meet the ever-changing demands of the Security Industry. Ras Security is proud to partner some of the top training centers in Singapore to provide training to our officers


RAS undertakes great responsibility in protecting and safeguarding our client’s assets and valuables.

Ras Security Services has been providing quality Security Guard Services to commercial Buildings, Construction Sites, Industrial Building, and Residential Buildings in Singapore.

We also Provide Event Security guards for all local and international events in Singapore.

Ras Security guard agency is also very proud to partner with Deep Security Guard agency in Singapore to enhance our capability and tap on each other expertise

Ras is also one of the few Top Security Agencies in Singapore to Provide OBC (Outcome Base Contract) Services to minimise the client cost and Maximise the security of the premises.

Our Singapore security officers provide a visible security presence, demonstrating a broad range of skills from general guarding to highly specialised security roles.

We have a team of highly experienced Security professionals that possess the relevant expertise to protect both you and the things you value.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

To secure and protect our clients
assets and interests at all times.

Our Mission

To provide pro-active and service driven
officers who are willing to go
extra mile to meet our clients’ needs.

Our Objectives

  • Protecting our clients– ensuring that only licenced and trained Security Officers are deployed to protect our client’s premises.
  • Customer service– delivering services which meet the needs of our clients.
  • Developing our people and organisation– ensuring our Security officers are equipped with relevant skills to perform security duties effectively.

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